We just need love.

Yeah, but I wouldn't mind a map also.

Secret Love Cave [graphics, etc.]
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This is the graphics community of vivider and kiarasayre (whose fandom works are posted under the journal _seven_crows). Mostly we make icons. On occasion there might be a banner or wallpaper thrown in. We are CSS competent, and have begun to make layouts.
Please credit us! :D We put soul into these here graphics, k? A line in the comments section of the icon, or the user info, is fine. Please credit either secretlovecave itself or maker @ secretlovecave.

Go ahead and join if you'd like to watch us! Only the two of us have posting access, so don't bother asking. We'll invite you on our own if we like you - we're not snooty, don't worry. ♥
So why exactly did we call our community "secretlovecave"? Well, in this one episode of Avatar... Let's just say there's a bunch of hippies, a flying bison gets his hair braided, and there's a lot of singing and general obliviousness. Sounds good to us.

Request a Layout + Affiliate? + Stylesheet & Profile + Tiny Icons